the project

Ephimero captures the essence, the intensity and the fugacity of a moment, seeking to transform it into something lasting in the memory. The soul of this project is to be constantly evolving and searching, developing ideas, collections and products. Learning. Growing.

Candles are a symbolic representation of moments with intention: of peace, of love, of calm, of celebration, of sophistication.


about me

Ephimero is born looking for light, trying to create a project that combines my worlds...

Design and the aesthetic world: they have always been a refuge. I enjoy beauty. Creating generates peace and adrenaline at the same time. Turning ideas and sensations into something visible and tangible is my best way of expressing myself. That's why the designs of the pieces are unique and the idea is to make different collections that show evolution and tell stories.

Aromas and the sense of smell: I learned to develop it in the world of wine thanks to my father. The nose became a symbol of detection and emotion. I learned to seek and to find, to know and to remember, to associate and to feel. That's why for scented candles we create aromas by remembering moments lived, composing olfactory notes to reach a complex and harmonious essence... And it is also for the world of wine that I decided to make unscented sculptural candles... to use them for tastings and meals.

he world of interior design: everyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy being at home. I like to create spaces and then transform them into something different. The feeling of home also comes through the eyes. Balanced, harmonious spaces, full of details that add sophistication.

All this, and my adoration for candles and their light, today leads to EPHIMERO. A concept to create and enjoy MOMENTS. Let's live them!


made in

EPHIMERO is a Spanish brand that works entirely with local producers. We develop small productions, where we can guarantee traceability and quality of each product. We try at every stage of the process to develop a responsible product made with functionality, ethics and aesthetics in mind.



the intention. the spark. the beginning.

This is our first ephemeral collection. It represents our foundation, our pillars, our first light. Each piece signified growth, each design an apprenticeship and each intention a flame lit.

Whether used as decorative elements, to scent or illuminate spaces, this family of candles is born to create moments and elevate the senses.
God bless this hot mess.